The types of problems are listed in order based on the initialization procedure. CardTalk does not support the Flash card identified by Flash card. No room on disk. Delete files from the card to make room and copy the file s again. If the card is a memory card, the card may be unformatted.

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Google Answers: PCMCIA Reader under Windows XP

The real problem is that Microsoft has discontinued driver and development support for the consumer version of Windows NT, meaning that even things like native support for USB ports is not available for NT. Choose this button for an explanation of which parameters have not been specified or are invalid for this card. Two or more beeps may indicate an error condition. BAT files to take effect. MS-DOS users should print this file. actionyec

Actiontec AU802C

CardTalk does not support the Flash card identified by Flash card. Italics serve two functions: Make sure that you choose the same port you chose when you installed CardTalk.

Read the License Agreement at the beginning of this manual. Any device, such as an electronic piano keyboard, can exchange data with the computer as long as the device supports the PCMCIA standard. Fill in the registration card including the serial number and version of software. Remember you are looking for Cardtalk or CardWizard Pro to give two driver letters.

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Agree to any changes and reboot. These problems can occur when you install the Card Reader for the first time or when you add a new ISA device to your computer later on.

However, the issue is not the lack of NT support for SRAM cards, but rather is a reflection on the capabilities of the reader itself. Press Enter to confirm the model number. The address must end in zero 0. It describes the CardTalk files and lists the device driver lines the installation program changes in your configuration files.

Choose OK or press Enter to copy the files. If you enable pop-up notification, the CardTalk Control Panel automatically opens the main window when you insert a card.

The following illustration identify the switch block location on the ISA board. You have exceeded the number of files allowed in the root directory. If a memory card does not supply all the required information, a user can create the CIS and store it on the actiotnec. If not, try again.

Do a standard DOS format. I hope that this helps! Although The Manufacturer will make every effort to inform users of substantive errors, The Manufacturer disclaims all liability for any loss or damage resulting from achiontec use of this document or any hardware or software described herein, including without limitation contingent, actiontev, or incidental liability. You may only copy the Software and the Software documentation for backup or to load the Software onto your computer as part of program execution.


Unplug the computer power cord from the wall receptacle. Cards that require only the Super Client driver may or may not come with their own software.

These systems provide MS-DOS with what seems like a standard disk and allows you to copy and delete files without any special procedures. DOS, Microsoft Windows 3. Put a card in the socket.

The list box in the lower right corner of the Current Configuration box lists the partitions. The file copier cannot copy the files because the target disk or card does not have enough space to actiongec the files. SYS files for you. Exit Windows before installing CardTalk.