It is capable of feeding paper and transparencies. There were no problems noted attributable to interface differences. The testing was done using the currently available version of the software package at the time of testing, or the specific version indicated. These tests form the basis for the compatibility results indicated. All envelopes should be new, unused, and without package damage. Representations relating to software compatibility with IBM printers are provided to IBM by various software publishers.

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Any information placed within this area will not print except for A4. For A4 paper, the information is adjusted to fit 80 characters per line at 10 characters per inch. Customer can add The printer to their existing Novell NetWare Server or networks as their printing needs increase.

When attached as an emulated device, full function of the printer is not supported.

4039-1r Letter, A4, B5, Executive Maximum paper size When I turn it on, the fuser heats up and the fan runs, but nothing shows up on the screen, the front panel buttons 40391-0r do anything and I can’t get it to print – Windows reports it’s “out of paper” even though the cassette has a good amount of paper in it. Due to the IBM LaserPrinter’s printing technology, the stationery supplies designed for use with the xerographic copiers should provide satisfactory print quality and feed reliability.

Only one Auxiliary Feeder can be installed on the printer.


4039-10R Laser Printer

The Auxiliary Feeder is installed in the back of the machine, in place of the manual input tray. Address any questions pertaining to warranty coverage for non-IBM logo software to the relevant software publisher.

Sign Up for Special Deals Get exclusive access to expert tips, special offers and coupons. This interface is used for attachment to a compatible system which supports the same 8 bit interface and commands.

Thread Tools Show Printable Version. IBM LaserPrinter printable area is limited to within 4.

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Each of the application software products was tested on one or more members of the IBM Personal Computer family. Join Date Sep Posts There’s some parts available on eBay but they’re ridiculously expensive. Additionally, the following enhancements are included as standard features on all models except where noted.

The fan seems to run indefinitely afterward, unless you pringer the top cover and put it back down – then the fan stops. Increased throughput with the IBM LaserPrinter allows the customer to share this printer on a local area network with little or no impact to office Productivity.

We hold a huge inventory and are in a position to present a fair market price. It is capable of feeding paper and transparencies. This interface supports 40391-0r transmission rates up to 38,bps. The compatibility information Presented below is intended to give general guidelines for the attachment of IBM printers to selected non – IBM computer systems. Real inventory that we refurbish and stand behind, since printeg The expandable memory up to 16MB can increase productivity with improved performance achieved by facilitating scalable font cache, images, and forms stored in the printer memory.


Given it’s fairly rare I’m not going to bother trying to return it as I didn’t pay all that much for it and I’m sure it can be fixed 403-10r way or another.

Lexmark 4039 10R Printer Cartridge Supplies

The software publishers should be contacted directly for specific questions. Call the REAL source! Broken IBM R Laser Printer Hey guys, Been a while since I was last on here – had 4039-110r idea the website name changed and accidentally set up a new account before I realized it was the same forum!

It allows the customer to automatically feed envelopes to be printed.

Flash Memory provides the ability to store download fonts and macros, and change the contents as needed. Crazy Inkjets is a leading supplier of high quality printing supplies for your Lexmark 10R printer.

The only way to insure satisfactory results is for the user to test the specific printer, computer, and software combination against desired results.

Complete transparency on used item’s condition. Additional LAN print servers may not be required with this increase in the customer’s print requirements.