To remove the LCD Panel: Should you require repairs or have questions regarding your hardware, please refer to your M-Tech Invoice for the technical support number. This publication and any accompanying software may not, in whole or in part, be reproduced, translated, transmitted orreduced to any machine readable form without prior consent from the vendor, manufacturer or creators of this publica-tion, except for copies kept by the user for backup purposes. Turn the computer OFF, remove the battery page 2 – 6. M-Tech Laptops – Support: To remove the System Memory:

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Ae – Toshiba D27ES The pin1 side is usually not indicated. Remove the battery page 2 – WarningBefore you undertakeany upgrade proce-dures, make sure thatyou have turned off thepower, and discon-nected all peripheralsand cables includingtelephone lines.

Be sure ttime of publicat A – 1Part Liststables opposite the drawings. ICs, such as the CPU and main support chips, are vulnerable to static electricity. To remove the CPU: Remove the battery page 2 – 6To remove the System Memory: Remove theTo remove th1. Fully raise latch in the direction indicated in Figure 2 – 6a to unlock the CPU. DriverGuide maintains an archive of Clevo drivers available for free Download. Remove the rubbercovers and screws. Remove screws Figure 2 – 11a and Figure 2 – 11b.


Expressz (Sürgősségi) Laptop tisztítás, karbantartás, újrapasztázás 1 óra alatt! Garanciával!

Users Manual oThis describes thIt also describesn CDe computers features and the procedures for operating the computer and its ROM-based setup d2es. Click on M2Unzip the file Some of the fileWith the bootab1. Carefully it may be hot lift the CPU up out of the socket Figure 2 – 6b. Information about drivers e. Press the foues to releakeyboard.

Expressz (Sürgősségi) Laptop tisztítás, karbantartás, újrapasztázás 1 óra alatt! Garanciával!

The utility will automatically determine the right driver for your system as well as download and install the Foxconn WLL driver. You can update individual drivers, or all of the necessary drivers with one click.

The component part numbers areindicated in the Note: We suggest that you tatic wrist strap instead. Remove screws – and hex nut. To remove the FDD: Also on another earlier post there.

Do not pull on thewires themselves. Pressure sockets for multi-wire connectors To release this connector type, grasp it at its head and gentlyrock it from side to side as you pull it out.


Be careful not to bend the pins on the hard diskwhen removing the cable. Remove the bottom case page 2 – 13To remove the FDD: Disassembly rubber covers and screws – from the LCD Figure 2 – 14a.

Information WarningDisassembly2 – 2 Overvie2.

Remove screws – and albaomp the LCD panel from the brackets Figure 2 – 15c. Turn the computer OFF, remove the battery page 2 – 6 and keyboard page 2 – 8. Carefully lift the keyboard up and out, being careful not to bend the keyboard ribbon cable Figure 2 – 3b.

Remove the threescrews and releasethe HDD cable.