Tthe parameter marker specified by “? The column is identified by its position from left to the right, starting with 1. An application must bind the unique columns which contains the ODBC driver information to the last data of the result set. The resources related to the input statement handle will be released, and the handle will be freed. You can obtain the following database management system client installations from the database management system vendor or download them from My Esri:. The processing types in the phase can be different.

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The list of foreign keys in other tables does not include foreign keys that point to unique constraints in the specified table. Real result values are saved only in the first row and the rest of them are ignored.

There is result set when Result command is executed. You may process altibas in user application to avoid forced shutdown.

The data located in the result set are static. Conformance level 1 in compliance with ODBC2.


The entry values in the conversion table are as follows: State Transition Tables The followings summarize the major functions that affect the state transition: It replaces the data for forLength from fromPosition odbbc the data for valueLength in the value buffer. The column allows NULL data.


Data formats sotred in user buffer are as mentioned above. Therefore, if access to network terminates due to external factors, application can be shut down compulsorily by receiving signal of SIGPIPE. However, several environment, connection or statement handle cannot be used at the same time on another thread of one process.

Otherwise, the ODBC cuts out the data. That application will be independent of DBMS. You can use functions available to general binary and character type except functions for LOB.

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If there is no password for the user id, no data will be defined. Therefore, the stored result set must be used instead of repeating the calling. NULL will be returned when the string size alhibase not proper.

This step is not needed if an application already knows the number of columns in the result set. Also, the table lists the odbf of C data type of the ODBC and the data types corresponding to each identifier. The search type cannot be used to define the schema-defining arguments or the table name.

The driver returns the information as a result set.


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For maximum inter-operation, an application must unbound all parameters applied to the previous SQL statement before the same command prepares a new SQL statement. Allocate the parameter buffer array. It exceeded the length of the communication buffer. The syntax element which is a complete command starts with this symbol. Sample Codes This appendix shows the entire sample pdbc used this documents. Repetition of the previous argumentOmit the example codes. The connection handle dbc is already connected to the database and still open.

ALTIBASE HDB – Wikipedia

If there is no record changed, 0 will be returned. Therefore, algibase may return them as data type which ODBC application recognizes. If it was a string value, it was right-truncated. Status values are as follows: Altibase is open source.

If you insert 0 into this argument for previous version, no problem. Sample Codes The appendix contains the entire sample codes which used this document Programing Odgc The following describes notes on programming the client using the ODBC and frequent errors: