The status LED for the caps lock key is located directly next to it, the one for the NUM-lock key in contrast is located on the front edge of the notebook. The case is partially made of scratch-resistant aluminium surfaces with excellent haptics. The Recovery DVD for Windows 7 in contrast has to be created by the user with the help of a pre-installed tool. Anti-Shock Hard Drive motion sensors and additional anti-shock cushions alleviate the risk of the hard drive being damaged during transport—ensuring data stays secure and safe. These are, if at all, for the most part only smoothly playable when compromises are made with respect to resolution and details.

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Product specifications may differ from country to country. Although we endeavor to present the most accurate and comprehensive information at the time of publication, we reserve the right to make changes without prior b53u.

Asus B53J-SO083X

ASUS Scene Switch lets users easily switch wallpapers, mute settings, output modes, hide desktop icons and disable screensavers through a single hotkey—ensuring that they are presentation-ready at a touch. For this scroll zones were omitted. Up to three USB 2.

Anti-Shock Hard Drive motion sensors and additional anti-shock cushions alleviate the risk of the hard drive being damaged during transport—ensuring data stays secure and safe. With the ATI Eyefinity Technology it should be possible assu easily use several displays at the same time for working, and hence also increase the size of the desktop appropriately. Both of these adhere to the standard layoutalthough the key grouping does not provide an especially good oversight.

Review Asus B53J Notebook

Similarly the noise emitted auss the hard disk also remains in the green area with The results established by tests with HDTune didn’t provide anything especially conspicuous. A warp test carried out by lifting the notebook on the corner of the display should not be carried out frequently due asuus the total weight of the notebook.


The touchpad surface itself is pleasingly sized, with a width of 80 millimeters and a height of 49 millimeters, and has matte smooth covering with little traction.

When using the B53J with little utilization, for instance when working with office programs or surfing the internet, the B53J is relatively quiet with a maximum system noise of The stroke length is relatively short. The arrangement of the interfaces is not ideal for left handed or right handed people, depending on which ports are used. A total of three display interfaces, Eyefinity Technology from ATI, and switchable graphics in laptop for under Euros.

B533j to the massive construction it is also possible to hold the laptop on the corner of the base unit without any real concerns.

ASUS B series notebooks are designed to protect and keep confidential data safe. In this scenario the top surface temperature stays below body temperature. And although the palm resting area and keyboard are made of matte plastic, they nevertheless feel pleasant.

With this it gives a cinema friendly In contrast to when utilizing the components excessively. Please refer specification pages for full details.

ASUSPRO ADVANCED B53J Driver & Tools | Laptops | ASUS Global

One advantage of the B53J is its switchable graphics solutionwith which it is possible to adapt the performance and battery life to the momentary requirements of the user. With respect to the viewing angle stabilitythe B53J does not distinguish itself from the mass of laptop competitors. In cases where this is not enough, the 3.


The TravelMate TG Core i5 MGT Malso 5b3j switchable graphics which was also mentioned above performs better and worse when it b3j to graphics, depending on the specific test. Here asux B53J of course surpasses laptops with a GMA HD graphics chipsuch as the Toshiba Tecra A already pointed out above, which still had a slight advantage when assessing the application performance. Additionally it also scores with good value for money. The battery life varies according to the level of utilization and graphics resolution between a minimum of only 78 minutes with active HDhigh performance profile, maximum brightness, and an enabled WiFi module; and a maximum of about five hourswith active GMA HD, energy saving profile, disabled power consumers, and minimum, but for regular use insufficient, brightness.

But our device does not have to make due with an integrated graphics chip.

Temperature The surface temperature when running with a low level of utilization also consistently remains in the green area. Desktop performance for Windows Aero. The integrated four Gigabytes axus RAM are used efficiently with the pre-installed bit operating system. Asue the display lid is relatively thick, it does give way when applying pressure with the finger, but this doesn’t have any effect on the displayed images.

This is applies to the case, as well as the adopted hardware and the length of the warranty, which lasts for three years.