Waking from sleep was working better last night too. Click here , to adjust the content of the private message. Thanks Fernando for such an awesome resource you created here. I should clarify what I said earlier. Everything looked fine, until it didn’t. Try updating the drive firmware do it in another machine. Any other way round that to check they are installed or time to start a clean install?

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Try updating the drive firmware do it in another machine.

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It was auci fine. Windows 7 currently, I did see that and tried this KB article but hasn’t changed it – http: Mon Mar 12, 2: Fri Mar 16, I’m also not sure whether that update that it kept saying over and over was going to happen did occur.

Jan 8, Posts: Which nick name do you prefer resp. The othe INF file named iaStor.

Thanks all of you. After testing most of the hardware, I tried resetting BIOS settings to default and that seemed to allow the drive to enumerate consistently.


Run Command Prompt as Admin 7.

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Nov 16, Posts: Last couple of days, my main driver, an Asus P5Q-E went wacko on me. I then discovered the boot record was corrupted. I followed the Nlite guide and I’m trying to update the files found in the Asus chipset install utillity: Looking at the log asue it shows Error code: There is 6 SATA ports and 4 in use. Could Intel make a driver that lousy as to prevent xsus from sleep?

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Everything looked fine, until it didn’t. There is another way to get knowledge about all installed third party drivers: Or is that what connector-less ID should look like? Its currently installed but WU says it ashs and there was much lag when installing it. Asus P5Q deluxe Tue Feb 03, 4: Zitat von megatron im Beitrag 3 [You can zoom in otherwise its a bit hard to read.


You have a situation with too many variables that you no longer control.

You are right – your screenshot of the Disk Management is nearly unreadable. It looks like more than one problem is occurring here.

Asus P5Q PRO – Motherboard – ATX User Manual: Ahci Configuration

So there may have been more than three problems occurring here. Once the machine is stable for a few days, make sure you have system restore points working and try the latest drivers from the manufacturer for things like storage controllers etc.

Using Terminal I have disabled the following: Is this how it should be? So keeping it connectorless.

Cancel Safe Mode booting with the command: I played with a lot of things, and I have no idea what I did with it.