The Linux wireless compatibility package – the most easy way to get and install the latest versions on all stable kernels. Atheros are starting to catch up. Well, modulo some glitch sometime after resume. The newest cards now don’t have a 2D acceleration core.. I also have this problem with the “Qualcomm Atheros ARG” i’ve tried two browsers “fire fox” “chrome” both the latest releases, I’ve had this problem on ubuntu Find More Posts by AwesomeMachine.

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Your video card, and many other hardware components including modern CPUs also have firmware, and no, their manufacturers don’t publish it under a Free Software license either. It can be anything from some thin logic so people don’t have to make a custom chip to play it to a entire embedded operating system.

Atheros 802.11a/bg PCI/PCI-E devices (ath5k)

Find More Posts by AwesomeMachine. It’s much easier than the hardware equivalent of soft-modems – where having to have a firmware blob or other proprietry, non-distributed software downloaded to the device every time I use it, the possibility of uploading the wrong firmware, the possibility of trashing the hardware with a faulty upload, the possibility of that being the only firmware EVER that operates the device because the company goes bust etc.

It will allow additional upstream developers to examine the issue.


Comment on this change optional. It’s just generic term for ‘code that runs embedded in a device’.

Find More Posts at5k rokytnji. The public HAL builds were done by Sam Leffler, who would have liked to share his codebase as well – but Atheros didn’t kerbel him to do that. This made it nearly impossible to install XP’s service packs over the network.

Yay for Atheros, but don’t imagine that tomorrow Atheros are going to publish the source code for their firmware. This BIOS will last the lifetime of the laptop.

Atheros releases ath5k HAL code

During the upload process, the firmware looks like data: Posted Sep 29, 9: What Atheros don’t do, which Intel and many other vendors do, is include the firmware in the driver package and upload it to the chip during startup. The binary HAL is a wrapper around all chipset registers, and all direct hardware access mernel routed through it. That firmware needs to be distributed with the operating system.

Download full text We were able to find that loading the module with the nohwcrypt parameter fixed my problem: Jiri is now part of the MadWifi team and we are working together on advancing ath5k. In such a case, it is just a matter of extracting the firmware from the CD perhaps extracting it from a Windows driver.

puppy linux ath5k

Posted Sep 30, 9: It will automatically gather and attach updated debug information to this report. The hardware clearly has some kind of lightweight microcode, because it is able to do things like sniff the Kednel field out of beacons automatically although not reliably, last I checkedand it parses packets well enough to do encryption and decryption on the fly.


Keenel driver is pre-installed in most current Linux distributions. The pic is for the Marvell nic adapter eth0.

One set of “true” firmware-less cards are those based on RT and similar chipsets, which have entirely GPL, non-firmware drivers. Posted Sep 29, There are three different workarounds that can solve the problem on my system: You need to log in to change this bug’s status. Got all the updates I know of and the issue still remains. This book contains many real life examples derived from the author’s experience as a Linux system and network administrator, trainer and consultant.

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Open Source Consulting Domain Registration. If this bug is fixed in the mainline kernel, please add the following tags: For updates please visit wireless. Thank you for your understanding.

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