Allowed using teletext in DVB mode when recording. Fixed RDS information disappearing after recording or network broadcasting stop. Adaptive addition of cut and uncut pixels for odd lines. Fixed switching sound on from Mute on increasing level of system mixer in the case of “Use main mixer line for volume control” option is turned on. Are these differences perceived by all wine drinkers, including experts? Fixed displaying of different formats of DVB Audio tracks in context menu of video window.

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To make the switching more smooth it is beholdwr to open setting “Video” tab and set Vertical synchronization to “Fast tracking”. Files are written only when configuration changed. Plugin works in YUY2 and RGB24 modes and allows to impartially evaluate and regulate such parameters of picture as luminosity, black and white levels and contrast. Fixed Windows 8 compatibility issues.

Added string resources English US in the plugin dialogs. Improved visual changing of frame aspect ratio in analog mode on channel switching. Added beholdef for H.

Allowed access to the settings panel during recording, serfing and timeshift. To update firmware download and unpack archives: Bilinear filtering of odd and even lines. How much can color influence our perception of quality?

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Added setting of subsequent switching of aspect ratio. Spectrum inversion is turned on by default for DVB-C channels. Volunteers tasted all three wines and found that despite behklder fact that the wines were all Chardonnay, the flavors perceived matched the typical flavors and characteristics of a wine of the associated color. Note from your friendly vision scientist: Recording parameters are on the corresponding log-files.


Problems that may appear during installation of the driver During installation of the driver may appear the following window: During installation of driver on Windows there may appear a message about that some Windows files are required and system will ask you to insert the Windows installation disk.

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder: How Color Affects the Perception of Quality in Wine

The reason is, as a rule, the driver of system GAME-port of mainboard, that blocks driver initialization after system boot. Driver installation Driver is the necessary component of software for every device, that will be in one way or another behllder to your PC.

Official plugin to support Behold TV remote control in program Girder www. Updated firmware of Si demodulator. It is frequent situation that for the economy of space on system drives or for reducing behokder size of OS distributive tweakers delete system files that are unnecessary from their point of view, but the work of driver is impossible without them.

Fixed bugcheck arisen under certain conditions. Fixed various mistakes on user notices. To apply plugin, copy it to the subfolder “Plugins” in the folder where Behold TV application is installed, for example, “C: You may install and later reinstall and remove driver with the help of installer from Behold TV driver package.


The main task of driver is to provide standard access to device for other programs and for OS. Fixed problem with digital certificate on some installations of bit version of OS Windows 7.

Added automatically updating the DVB channel name, if the service name was changed and the DVB channel name was not previously changed by the user. The following procedure will depend on OS version.

Don’t allow hardware installation wizard to connect to the Windows Update host for searching the driver. All programs work with tuner as with standard video bea device, that registers into operating system in group “Sound, video and game controllers” of device manager after driver installation.

Fixed RDS information disappearing after recording or network broadcasting stop. Added possibility of switching off DSP sound timbres on video recording.