I’m now playing around with amounts of exercise and higher calorie intake to find the right balance to maintain my weight loss I guess time will tell…any suggestions? I have a large arm and it fits perfectly, with extra room to spare! Don’t take a consumer review personally. I also kept track of body comp using a 3 place caliper. This was before the bluetooth, cool wristband and updates to software. I emailed my problem on a Sunday, Wednesday I got an email asking me to call.

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AND we know the expense of a few crackers for a snack and think twice before eating.

I bought two bodybuggs. I actually tried the bodybugg myself for a few weeks and have to say I found the armband uncomfortable to wear for very long. Bodybugg tech said you will just have armbband buy a new one, of course!!!

Does It Really? What’s the Deal with the bodybugg?

You indicate in your review that it doesn’t track the food. The Bodybugg can help you meet your goals!!!

I highly, highly recommend the Bodymedia Gowear fit But it’s not there yet, in my opinion. So it’s a matter of how well you use the product as to if it will work for you. That mean the digital display device shows the raw data from the bodybugg and how much I burn while watching TV.


This was before the bluetooth, cool wristband and updates to software. Armnand sequence of notes is also accompanied by a short vibration and both green lights will flash.

He had been reading about and researching this product and similar products long before he tried this one. The typical complaints are about the money.

Bodymedia Bodybugg Armband v2 Activity Tracker | eBay

As for the rest of the tracking tools on their website- I think they are great. Knowing all that combined with my calorie intake I can see my true deficit daily all on my iPhone. You could also have trouble with the maintenance and syncing of the device if your connection drops.

Through the software, the surface area of bodybug sensor divides the heat rate to determine the heat flux. I think bodynugg cost to much and would take bodybuggg time to track, plus you have to pay a monthly fee, where you can use sparks for free. Be careful not to over-tighten the Armband. The elliptical always told me bodybufg I was burning over calories an hour. To check the status of the battery, remove the Armband and press the Status button. Many use this product for calorie measurement and tracking their daily weight.

Be sure that both your arm and the sensors on the back of the Armband are clean. Bodybugg’s gadgets and formulas and software would do all this for you.


To each her own! I live in Madrid, Spain. This is probably the best investment I have ever made.

We recommend trying any product before buying it and know that finding a product with a sample offer is near impossible – so we created our own product, Burn Vodybugg, with scientifically backed ingredients.

Improper alignment of the velcro can cause irritation armbanc an abrasion of the skin. And if it works for the contestants on the Biggest Loser, maybe it will work for me too: Also, it frequently shut itself off for no apparent reason. Failure to keep the Armband clean, or improper cleaning, may irritate the skin and affect the sensor performance.

All product names, logos and brands are property of their respective owners. I would advise to use any other company.

It also motivates me, if I see I haven’t met my target calories burned it makes me want to get up and do something to reach my goal. To clean the sensors, wipe with a soft, damp cloth.