Every incorrectly made key setting will lead to errors during subsequent operation. Double-click on the file setup. TeleTools is ideal for telephony enabling existing applications at the desktop, PBX, or server level. Select the option Search for a suitable driver for my device Recommended and confirm with Next. Standard commands are provided for this purpose. Solutions for sales, address management, direct- and telephone marketing call center. Enter the directory in which you unpacked the ZIP file see Section 2.

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List of available TAPI-drivers

Select the TSP and the communication platform and click Next. For this, you need a CAPI 2. The Programmer’s Guide may be downloaded free of charge from the Internet at www.

If you are not authorized to configure the communication platform or if you do not have the necessary knowledge, you should contact your system administrator. This ensures correct interaction at the TAPI interface. Download taapi current version of CallBridge and extract the contents of the ZIP file to a di- rectory of your choice. CallBridge Collection cannot be used if an analog adapter is connected to the tel- 7 phone. Double-click the new setup.


This application is a soft-phone that duplicates the features of your handset. The CallBridge installation is now complete.

Select the option Search for the best driver for your device Recommended and Specify a location. Select Specify a location and click Next. If you selected one key module OR two key modules during configuration, the following dia- log will appear: The following manufacturers have matching TAPI drivers: Standard commands are provided for this purpose.

Callbrridge connect two telephones to your computer at the same time using different 7 types of ports. Select Search for the best driver in these locations and Include this location in the search.


If in doubt, consult your system administrator. Tali you now reconnect the computer and the telephone via the USB cable, the Hardware wiz- ard will start automatically see Section 3.

The Hardware wizard will be started automatically.

KSIKerpen, Germany: For correct TSP functionality, ask your system administrator to make settings system-wide and for each station on the HiPat V2. If the computer and the telephone are connected via the USB cable, the Hardware wizard will start automatically.

DLL or later provides its services to the telephone application and uses messages to report the actions and events that have been completed. Close your TAPI application.


An obligation to provide the respective characteristics shall only exist if expressly agreed in the terms of contract. Select the settings described and click OK. For dialing, only those ISDN cards can be used that are directly connected to a headset or telephone!

Callbridte CallBridge Collection, and click Change. Hicom E Office V1. The choice of name is unrestricted, for example user name. ExceleTel TeleTools can be used to build applications like this one from scratch or to integrate the available features of your Hi Pat h system into existing applications.

Before updating your USB drivers, you must deinstall the old drivers. AGI Subject to availability. Solutions for sales, address management, direct- and telephone marketing call center.

Before you run this sample be sure that the Callbridge software provided with your telephone handset is properly installed or check with your PBX administrator.