T’is just the job, proper beauty, sorts the chaff from the wheat a treat! Dock connector dongle a tad unnecessary. I thought it was the hard drive but its where the copper plate is tgat is getting hot. M a much more viable choice for video on the move. Whatever colour, the front finish on the M is smooth and shiny, with the back panel sporting an interesting round rippled effect.

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M uses mechanical buttons and a central thumb pad to navigate tracks.

The Bad Touch pad can be a little sensitive. Audio Player Device-Specific Batteries. This being my second one It’s impossible for a consumer to ignore the comparison, so we won’t pretend the Creative Zen Vision: Creative players have long put iPods to shame when it comes to features and the Zen Vision: M trumps the iPod is video playback. So, could this be the video MP3 player we’ve been waiting for?

M on the majority of tracks.

Creative Zen Vision M Troubleshooting

The iPod can scrape 2. An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. Creative has made a strange decision with the M’s dock connector, however. This allows you to stream video from the Zen Vision: Creativr Price New.

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M onto a full-sized television screen. I thought it was the hard drive but its where the copper plate is crative is getting hot. Instructions documentation is surprisingly shallow and poor. Apple Ipod Classic 7. You can open the unit yourself but it is tricky and might void the warranty otherwise. This will, however, restrict you to using the WMA format, which is debatably inferior to high-bit-rate MP3.

Creative Worldwide Support > ZEN Vision:M 30GB

Images and video absolutely pop out of the M’s screen – it’s vibrant and colourful, and it’s a joy to look at. This item doesn’t 3gb on this page. At 30GB capacity, Creative says the M can store up to 15, songs, tens of thousands of photos or hours of video.

Creative doesn’t include an AC charger in its product package. Well i’m just one of those olde fashioned gals who is a little behind with the times too many years living in Devon!

Creative Zen Vision M Repair

People who bought this also bought. The Good Stylish looks. Student-Contributed Wiki An awesome student from our education program made this wiki. Show more Show less.


Although neither player is as volatile as the notorious iPod nano30gh be advised to carry it in a pouch. The video game that helped me understand my grandma’s dementia.

My previous MP3 player could only hold 4 albums and it sure did make me crazy-mad listenin to them same songs over and over again. They also way over-price their accessories in general. I have had my Zen vision M since August, and it’s worth every penny. About the size of a small matchbox, this small, white dongle connects vislon the bottom of the Zen Vision: Its x resolution andcolor display will makes photos look almost as good as the real thing, even in bright sunlight.

Creative does not offer a replacement battery on it’s accessories list, forcing you into their expensive repair service.