Do you need to organise a bunch of mm optical discs? And it works with every kind of mm disc. After launching, I find a pretty slick user interface. This simple little database-and-control package melodiously titled “CD Library DC Application” is what makes the Library worth using. And they’ll do it without taking up as much space as you might think, since Libraries can be stacked on top of each other. You can’t get that much space from any single hard drive; you’d need a RAID array. About Certified and certifiable.

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Dc-300 CD Library II by Dacal Holds 150 With USB I/f for Lookup

You can also attach free-form Remarks to disc listings. Read more from ReviewUzb. Realistically, I strongly doubt anybody’s going dacla be in the market for Libraries.

And storing files bigger than Mb on CDs is a pain. Well, as long as you don’t have too many hundreds of discs to scan through, that is. Because of this, many lookup operations take a bit more than eight seconds. And, of course, you can manually scroll through listings sorted by different fields, or search the database to find the one you’re after.

So it’s not bad value on a dollars-per-megabyte basis, even if you include the price of a DVD writer. Traction Theme by The Theme Foundry. Including eject time, the fastest operation I saw was a seek from slot 30 to slot 60, which took only five seconds.


Seeking from slot to slot 30, however, required a 1. There’s a keylock as well, by the way, which is about as secure as the keylock on every other disc box out there. About Certified and certifiable. The keyword search for the Content and Remark fields isn’t ussb you’d call deep, but it ought to be good enough.

Go for writable DVDswith 4.

This simple little database-and-control package melodiously titled uxb Library DC Application” is what makes the Library worth using. But if you’ve already got ’em, and you don’t need access to the data in a split second, then it’s a real option.

Dacal DC-101 CD library USB Drivers

The intended market for the CD Library is people who already have a ton of mm discs cluttering up their workspace or DJ booth or home theatre or whatever, and can’t move whatever’s on them to another medium. Apart from Libraries being straight-out smashed when a totem pole of daczl things falls over, the Library design also won’t stop discs from falling out of their slots if you tilt the carousel drastically, and that could get ugly fast.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. With the door open, pressing on the knob without changing the disc number you’ve selected will toggle the eject lever position.

The disc-eject process accounts for about 1. I don’t know whether multiple Libraries will all random-seek at once if you use this feature. The Library comes partially assembled, but it’s easy to attach the lid and sliding door – if you want to fill the System up quickly, it’s easier to do so with the lid off, anyway.


CDLibrary – a driver to Dacal CD Library 2 devices – Codeflow

Doing that would put the thing permanently out of whack, if it didn’t dafal the unauthorised turn. I was interested to see how the Library worked – particularly after I noticed that it’s possible to remove the turntable, replace it in a different orientation, and still have the gadget identify slots correctly. Today, just for fun, I decided to find an alternative to this piss poor software. All it does is spin round and prod out the disc you’ve asked for.

Review: Dacal Technology DC CD Library

Enter your daxal address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Well, I presume they do, anyway; I only had one Library to test. Remove the turntable, and you can see the Library’s works. If you put a high value on your time then, again, burning scores of DVDs will cost you a great racal more. If not, then move along. This could come in handy in some situations, I suppose.

This is, essentially, just a fancy storage box.