Insert Smartcard after install above program. I’m not sure if I’m supposed to keep the Cardbus plugged into the slot during bootup, the manual seems to tell me to D: Which wireless card did your laptop use? You could try using them, but I don’t think they work as intended. Out of all the drivers, the broadcom wireless was the hardest to find.

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This will install both the drivers and the Intel ProSet utility, which makes things easy to manage. I’m definitely not gonna be swapping around drivers and hardware, though. Then install “boingoinstaller” or odyssey client. Click on “Finish” and Reboot system to finish driver depl. There isn’t a client, but the ethernet controller will work silently.

Recently acquired a Dell Latitude D running 98 SE and need help : windows98

Scroll to the very bottom to check compatibility if you’re considering installing 9x on a Latitude Dxxx model. Most everything else besides networking almost always has generic drivers included with 98SE and ME. Eell there was a version I was never aware of? Some of the drivers here may work on similar Latitude models, like the D, but I know those usually shipped with a GeForce Ti card instead.


If you want I can explain to you exactly what all of those commands above mean and what the drivers do: If anyone in the community knows the answer please say so!

These will instruct DOS to load those drivers you copied earlier. That ought to be fun.

In that case it would be easier. And you can install Plus with the Plus disc.


All hail the Great Capacitor Brand Finder. On Thursday, April 07, at 0: You should see an A: Then you will see the wim98 Microsoft Windows 98 copyright and the C: If you type “exit” to exit out, it will again reboot the system from the beginning and say “Windows 98 is now restarting Out of all the drivers, the broadcom wireless was the hardest to find.

Install KernelEx if you need it wjn98 any programs you use. Boot Disks Images can be obtained with those drivers etc and extracted via WinImage in the running OS and proceed from there.

After installing the utility software Had to transfer it by flash drive since my DVD drive wouldn’t work in WinME I’m getting issues during bootup about the cardbus and cardbus bridge driver. Unless we can find a client program, the drivers are pretty much useless. No such thing exists forME, 98SE and so on. I’m receiving a drll file ‘carddrv.


Please link me to any working drivers for utility or the driver used to make wireless internet work! It has wireless, and I got Firefox 2. Users browsing this forum: I just need to figure out step 3: You will be asked for cab files on next boot. While dll links on that page no longer work, you can simply do a search for the Intel 5. Sadly that isn’t the case with Windows 98SE.

Delete all of the existing partitions. The use of ad-blocking software hurts the site. Installing SmartCard driver procedure on Microsoft Windows 9x: