Installing the Scanner and Drivers The following section provides instructions for setting up and installing the RDM and Panini scanners. If you are uncertain which numbers are the account and routing number, click on the Help link. Contact Help Desk for assistance with reinstalling drivers. The scanner takes several seconds to initialize when it is powered up and the initial items are scanned. News Events Partners Support Contact. Document size preferred paper weight:

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If you wish to shop online, your sales rep will create your online account if you haven’t already signed up and add your custom order form. Select Next to install to choose the default features. Encryption-capable, 3-track Magnetic Stripe Reader MSR — extends data capture capabilities and provides added security of sensitive data captured. With its small footprint, connectivity ec70000i the most popular POS terminals, and industry leading MICR and image technology, the ECi Series provides a low cost, two-sided imaging solution for merchants and low volume ef7000i who want to take advantage of the opportunities presented by Cheque If the workstation does not meet the minimum system requirements, it may impact the overall performance of the service.

Cleaning your Scanner There are two tools to use to clean the scanner — a cleaning card and compressed air. DO NOT push or insert items past the line.


EC9600i series network scanner

Remove the cleaning cared from the sealed pouch and insert into the entry feeder as shown to the right. Rdk images are available online for six 6 months. You will need to manually adjust any back end accounting system. Your items that are awaiting approval will appear under the Exceptions tab. The items processed need attention. The item should be re-deposited through a channel other than Remote Deposit Service Online.

EC7000i series scanner

To be certain you will be able to use the service when you are ready to implement, please take a minute to read the hardware and software requirements below and confirm your workstations will be compatible.

As an optional feature, the Franking Acknowledgment printer prints a fixed text message on the front face of the cheque facilitating the requirement for cheque defacement in wc7000i simple process, increasing efficiency, which is vital in the point-of-purchase POP environment.

Before performing the installation: An adjustment will be created for the declared amount of the image. Click the Scan Checks button. High speed USB 2.

Alert Draws attention to specified areas or items that required user action. NonNegotiable Item in Deposit Customer would be debited for the declared amount of this item If an item is found during processing that is not considered negotiable via Remote Deposit Service Online, an adjustment will be created for the declared amount of the item.


ECi series scanners | RDM Corporation

Slide the item s up to the line on the body of the scanner. Routing numbers are always 9 digits. Select Next again when the RDM install wizard starts.

No action required to resolve the deposit adjustment.

Compute the expected total amount of your deposit, this amount is the declared amount. You should verify the amount as the transaction will be processed for the amount entered in this field. When you have finished reviewing the check details, click Update and Send to Batch rrm send the check to the Batch Tab.

Resident pays with a paper check.

Successful you should still review the transaction detail for scanning accuracy. If one is found during processing, an adjustment will be created for the declared amount of the item. Virtual image endorsement — applies message to rear image of checks electronically. A medium-sized community bank in New Jersey that uses Fiserv relies on UniLink for all their tableto Follow these steps to clean the scanner. These items will have an adjustment created for the declared amount of the image.