ELM car diagnostics interfaces Leave a review. In addition, their special nature makes them usable only by maker family, unlike the ELM. On-board networks in cars have voltage levels that require specific drivers. In this case, when you power on, the red LED lights first followed briefly by: It is only a copy of version 1.

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Creative Game Kids’ Creative Puzzle. The official versions currently in circulation are 1. Avoid simultaneous running of multiple OBD reading applications, be sure that other applications are not keeping live OBD connection. We do not need to go into the details peobleme to why these non-official versions exist.

Car diagnostic interfaces ELM OBD2 – Outils OBD Facile

No need to go to your dealer or garage. This little test will enable you to determine what level of function is installed in your interface.

If your ELM interface breaks down or if you want to create your problrme circuit, the diagram below will help you.

OBD-II car scanner and diagnostics tool: You need to pair the interface to your computer before use. In this case, when you power on, the red LED lights first followed briefly by: There are currently two families of components in the ELM Flashes when data are sent from the vehicle to the interface. It selects the protocol and converts it into one understood by modern PCs.


This indicator must be fully lit for the interface to be correctly powered. Other types of interfaces Only ELM interfaces are supported by our software, but other companies have developed interfaces with functions similar to the ELM circuit.

Attention! “Bad” Bluetooth & WiFi adapters with low quality clones of ELM

Where can I buy an ELM interface? Vitesse, Altitude Diagnostics de voiture Meilleur docteur pour votre voiture: Check out our tips and advice section for how to know which ELM version you have. This type of output is gradually disappearing from modern PCs.

Fill in the car details with configuration screen and click send button in “General information” section. Site map Contact us.

Attention! “Bad” Bluetooth & WiFi adapters with low quality clones of ELM327.

Despite appearances, these 4 interfaces are practically identical, at least electronically. You need lrobleme define the wireless settings on your computer more details in the software help file.


The interfaces do not always have the same level of quality. Read more at problems site http: Its wireless connection means it can be used with a computer or a smartphone.

Allows to present both in-drive instant and average MPG as well as per trip, per day and other statistics. User returns have taught us that some versions, that do not officially exist, are in circulation.

In the event of a connection problem, consult the software help file. What is important as a user is to be able to qualify ekm327 interface.

ELM327 car diagnostics interfaces

This document can be found at the following address: Connect the interface to your vehicle’s OBD connector. You will therefore easily find the right tutorial online to repair your car yourself or refer you to the right specialist.

First connection to the vehicle: For an ELM, as the device supports several protocols, several drivers are necessary.