Carefully pull on the blade to remove it, as shown here: Tablets by David Carnoy 7 days ago. Creating Text List Labels Total number Enter the total number of labels you want to produce in this field. In these cases, when you attempt to print the label, the system displays a Label Too Long message, and you must correct the label before proceeding. Installing a tape cartridge. Hold the ribbon cartridge with the open part of the tab on top and facing you. Using the template shown in Figure above, you could create a label that looks like this:

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The minimum recommended sizes for cutting are: Tabbed Entry Screens By touch: Inside the Editor window Use these editing and navigation tools within the Editor window, shown in Figureto create and to edit labels: If the label you cleared is the last one in the set, the system globa,mark the Template Categories screen. You may, however, change the entire color of a single-color graphic.

Templates are pre-designed specialty layouts you use to set up gglobalmark format a standard label. Adding Graphics Objects Adding graphics objects You choose graphics from globalmaek of pre-defined graphics supplied with your printing system.

Cutting Out Variable Text Objects Cutting out variable text objects You might use variable text cut out objects to create and cut out the labels you create for names in a list of names, or to cut out a series of numbers you want to use for marking items.


Some templates, particularly those in the Pipe Marker and Right-to-Know applications, contain instructions telling them to override preferences you may try to set. Select the Source to copy, move or delete files.

Adding Variable Text Objects To add a special character to label text 1. To globbalmark you avoid confusion, the terms as used are defined here: Page 93 Zoom In.

GlobalMarkĀ® 2 Color & Cut

Set length Choose to set your own length for a label, and to enter the new length in the entry field. Saved Files, for accessing stored label files you previously saved. Creating labels using these layouts is particularly easy. Line width Use to set a width for the line that composes the frame.

Status bar Figure The Editor window with a graphic g,obalmark. Quicktext Key Functions Move to Back. The system automatically creates the text object when you type the text. The value globalmarkk must be less than the maximum printable width appropriate for the installed tape, because unlike the default width, this value indicates the total output width, with no margins applied.

Adding Special Characters To Text 2. This ‘Colour and cut’ model has a built in vinyl ‘plotter cutter” built in – allows smaller multiple labels to be printed then cut out of mm vinyl. Start by turning the adjustment dial slowly.


GlobalMarkĀ® 2 Color & Cut

Advance the tape only halfway through the guides Step Other systems automatically Print Figure Numeric Keypad Numeric keypad Use the numeric keypad as an alternate way to enter numbers and to perform several other commands as well.

This section outlines changes to the error messaging functions to improve operator success in responding to error conditions: Cleaning Your System Cleaning your system If you globalmarm streaks or scratches in your labels, it may be time to clean the print head.

The printable area is what is left after the margins are taken into account.

Using Option Buttons you globalmxrk the attached radio button. Choose the Print files in file group option. You can move it to any location on the screen. Page 14 In this country: Advancing The Tape Advancing the tape Step 6: Then you can either re-start the label creation process, or select Back to return to the Main menu screen.