Posted September 29, This wont work for me,only shows the out.. Verifies that all values are valid, i. All released missions are free to download, modify and publicly host — enjoy! Posted February 10,

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All files can be found at FlyFoxy. In the game however, the tmj and tmm files works as it should.

Technical support website

I checked the Cougar under the windows control panel and the raw data showed response on both the stick and throttle. The auto calibration data is where the Cougar stores and uses the data when the hotae first auto calibrates the Cougar. When I first installed Win7 64bit Completely new rig. It will set all the configuration switches back to the default state, except for the axis response.

Understanding Calibration

Okay the new Motherboards come with USB 2. Understanding calibration and the CCP.

The following diagram shows these steps: When hltas user clicks on the ‘Save’ button, the CCP saves the temporary memory part of the CCP and saves it to a file that the user specifies.


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Anyway it works but I am still very frustrated!! AC Warthog – Training. This is somewhat puzzling. Is there anywhere else I can get user made profiles or any profiles for that matter for it any more?

Falcon – File Updates. Over The Reich – Technical Issues.

Air Combat – General. After I got a new mobo, processor and ram and after installing W8 everything wasn’t the same any more! Hotas Cougar on Windows 7 [ Re: Over Flanders Fields – Technical Issues. At this cougwr, if the user wants to save any of the manual calibration data, then the user needs to save the profile.

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It is there but somehow the install seems to go wrong or at least the installed apps don’t find it It was written for xp. The CCP moves the auto htoas data from the ‘auto calibrate data’ section of the Cougar memory into the ‘calibrate data manual ‘ section of the ‘axis configuration’ of memory. The CCP assumes that the user wants to do this.


Finally i got it working. It all went flawlessly but Posted September 26, Inside this profile section is also the calibration data that stores the information from performing a manual calibration.

HOTAS Cougar Data in – windows driver [FOUND ]

Black Shark – Technical Issues. And I can use it for a sort time an till I start my computer up again! It also switches the axis response mode to be in user mode, since the Cougar will only use the axis configuration if it is in user axis response mode. I then went into Foxy and it is not responding. Manual Configuration or Automatic Update. Foxy key tester is not always returning the right keys, espec.