Can i open the blacklist. Posted 11 June – I did find a site that might have the solution, but the thing is i’m totally green when it comes to Linux, so i was hoping someone here might give me a push? The protocol includes touch events and object locations. Multiple touch interfaces Touch functionality can be utilised at the standard native operating system level or at an application level. Support for legacy hardware extends the life of older touch equipment allowing it to be used in the latest operating system releases.

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I think this was the command i shouldn’t have executed: I wonder if that because it’s upside down and mirrored, the calibration waits for a click to the left of the first crosshair perhaps? lniux

Calibrating touch screen in Linux (Ubuntu)

An iPad on steroids! Edited by TheBellows, 10 June – Bus Device Only thing it doesn’t have a keyboard, but if i can get the touch screen calibrated it might not be a problem. Alas, I’m not as lucky as you with finding a core i7 computer in the trash though, so unfortunately I know nothing about setting up a touch screen device TheBellows.

Definately not the usual task for an average windows user. Okay TheBellows, seems you are on your Linux way. I wonder, as i’m currently lunux running from a 8GB USB stick and the stick is lijux small for a full install does this make sense? Open platform support Designed and written to be cross platform and utilising the latest application development tools ensures the latest release of our software is available across all supported platforms.


The protocol includes touch events and object locations. I wasn’t planning on digging too deep into Linux keetouc from getting everything on this up and running, to use it for visual and audio work and the usual browsing and stuff.

Sign in anonymously Don’t add me to the active users list. Its body is extremely rugged made of cast aluminium and with fat rubber protectors on the sides.

Or is there another way to go about?

But keep in liunx that the chances are all these changes are not persistent across reboots. Do i have to replace the hard drive and install a full installation of Ubuntu on it to get the drivers i need?

I also got some unexpected cash enough to buy a cheap Kingston ssd GB, so i’ll be installing a full distro on it.

Download -KeeTouch

I’m pretty shure this thing was quite expensive when new and it can’t be that old either. You probably can enable it by typing something like:. And take out the ‘blacklist usbtouchscreen’ line. So, just an inoperative HDD and then it gets thrown into the trash? Can i open the blacklist. I’m not at my computer atm, so i can’t test it right now, but i’ll do it later. Our driver software is there to fill the gaps and offer touch functionality where none exist, support legacy touch hardware or offer features for unusual hardware configurations not catered for by the native touch support.


Follow the instructions pressing each target, and the calibration output will be printed to the terminal.

First time i found a tablet with an i7 processor though, if you can classify it as a tablet that is. Here is the site: Chance are, any changes you make will not be persistent across reboots. Further, we have built into our drivers comprehensive debugging and diagnostics tools to assist with support and maintenance and help identify any issues that may arise, be it system or hardware related.

So is it not worth getting a cheap HD from somewhere first to replace the broken one? Of course you can edit the file and remove the line, just keep in mind you’ll have to be root to edit the file. Please log in to reply.

I did find a site that might have the solution, but the thing is i’m totally green when it comes to Linux, so i was hoping someone here might give me a push?