I looked around for a while, shocked at the very expensive prices, but finally came to the little Kohjinshas. What can I say about the heat and noise about this computer? May just buy Win7 when its released. When you hook headphones up to this, the sound really comes alive. Palm Treo p Review: I would recommend this to anyone wanting to get a UMPC because this thing can be a regular laptop, then switch to a Tablet PC in a second.

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Vacuum Cleaner Parts For iRobot. The other button is a brightness control.

Replacement Kohjinsha NBATZZ04, LBATZZ02, NBP3A61 Laptop Battery 4400mAh

I then installed all the drivers from Kohjinsha Singapore’s website. Palm Treo v Review: You don’t get that kinda friendly attention even with an Apple Airbook! Even on the lowest brightness setting you can make out everything and on the highest setting it feels like a beam of light shooting a clear image of your desktop at you.

Another example is when I was in class for 5 hours straight, I had wireless off, 2 notches down from full brightness, was playing iTunes, sometimes typing and playing a little video every once and a while, I got 5 hours of battery. This computer is so small, it fits really nicely in just one hand.


It’s All You Need? Very pleased with the install.

Kohjinsha SA5SX04BS, SHBS, SHWS and SR8KP06S | Computer Information

Palm Treo p Review: Your cart is empty. Grateful if anyone has any views on this issue to offer. SH series also has 1,3 MB resolution Webcam which is good enough for video chat.

When you hook headphones up to this, the sound really comes alive. Moto Q 9h Review: May just buy Win7 when its released. Software that comes with the Kohjinsha sh6610bs I used the normal version instead of Tablet PC Edition. So why do some people install the Tablet PC Edition and it is so much more expensive than the normal version??? For example, I was in class today and Xh610bs started up iTunes to play some songs and many people could hear the songs that I played clearly outside I sh610gs on the 2nd floor with the windows open.

Grateful for your kind views, honourable Kohjinsharians!! Moderators are not employees or representatives of HWZ. Performance is quite good but some of the quick launcher buttons like rotation, shutter not working.


All the buttons working? I took this night photo to kohjinsua you how bright the screen is view large image. Besides touch access kohuinsha pen stylus, the existence of mouse click button and scroll at near of screen is also makes SH series more comfortable compared to SA series.

This laptop has 2 USB 2. You Decide Samsung i Sony Alpha A Review: Touch screen in Camera P Sunday Times, 14 Jun 09, Life Section comics.

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I really love this computer, aside from the few minor problems. Not a bad deal if I say so myself! I looked at other ultra portable laptops here in Japan as well as some Sony Vaio, and Toshiba brand computers.