See which setting is best, then use it. It all depends on what you plan on using the video for, what the original quality of the video was, where you end up putting the video, all sorts of different things. Thanks for all your help! Hi Gary, I just bought a new camcorder and have been recording in p As you can see, you will most likely hit message size limits even with a small video. By that I mean, it rumbles and distorts like crazy.

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I used the following settings — MP4; H. Hi Gary, First, thank so much for all your videos. Make several versions of that 1 minute sample. Thanks for the great tutorial, Gary. Gary, I use a canon hv20 camcorder and record in and export to imac, imovie 11 and then edit the video and export it to an external blu ray burner using Toast 11, with blu ray pulldown.

I am currently exporting as Large using the Export Movie option. Getting back to you to let you know I bought iDVD and did a custom install. You should still be able to use iDVD for a while, since you already have it.

lt Also, would you suggest exporting my movies onto a Hard Drive to watch later or putting them on DVDs? But in iMovie 11, you would simply use the Share menu and then select the highest quality.


Last question of the day, what other means could I give them their wedding on other than DVD?

MacMost Now 374: iMovie Export Settings

But it probably depends on what hardwareyou are using to make the Blu-ray disc. Is there a way to export bp6olu10 movie and burn it using a different program? Have you considered the DVD media the physical discs? I’m using Toast 10 v Sometimes mp4, m4v, mov, and QT play on my PS3.

I DO realise bpo6lj10 quality of the video comes from the equipment and settings that were used during the take though. Just grab your video at the highest quality, edit at the highest, and send to iDVD at the highest.

But first, did you simply try changing the file name extension to. Export a second video at different bit rates and see what you like best.

LG 3D Blu-ray Disc Playback & M-DISC™ Support | LG USA

How do I know what size my movie is, if I want to export to youtube using quicktime? One video file I exported both as mov and m4v. Having a hard time figuring out the way to do that?? Yes, for greater control just bpo6,u10. All help and advice right now would be appreciated, since I wanted to get this out by the weekend. Is it worth exporting in HD for either use?


8x Portable DVD Rewriter with M-DISC™

Upgrade to iMovie Compressor is an extension to Final Cut Pro X. I want to create an imove trailer on my iMac with some of the video clips pbo6lu10 she has and some of the video clips that I have in my imovie.

How do i change that? I sell them to customers bpo66lu10 play these at home on there DVD player. Any recommendation for a good program to get my H.

Gary, great informative clips, thanks. Just take some time out to learn it. With things like this it is best to experiment. Show it from a computer. I checked around online bpo6lk10 see if anybody else has gotten this error message and it appears that his is quite a problem, with no clear solution.