I finally resolved it myself You could try some of the solutions posted to that thread, especially: Try compiling, and pressing the 1 and 2 keys to here some sounds. First time i was used the oss-forcing method, it worked once, not anymore, and i would like to play with et-sdl-sound, but it doesnt load: But i’m getting mad with this game.

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[SOLVED] Another Slackware user with PulseAudio problems – Page 2

The problem is that I have all dll’s and headers fine, and I didn’t found anything in tutorials about something else. Game Version [ET 2. Lastly, we have our Play function that actually plays the sound. Elite, sound works well too – there’s no need to run etrun.

Find More Posts by enorbet. Ubuntu is a really sel distro imho, I’ve been using it for a while. You’ll have to kill or suspend pulseaudio before you use this application.

Sound works fine in my system. This means every sound played by Pidgin will be marked as an “event” sound. I just need to eliminate some variables here, so I’d appreciate some feedback on this. I have the same problem in wesnoth under edgybut my soundcard is not intel, I believe. The next is the format, again, it’s best to leave it unless you know much about audio it’s basically the size of the samples used, 8bit or 16bit.


On my system, libsdl1. BadValue integer parameter out of range for operation Major opcode of failed request: I’m attaching the output of the script, because I don’t know how long pastebin.

Just to be clear about tracking this down, can someone do this before running the game: Even better, I soumd using what is available on 7. I’m using Debian, but I am aware that this issue also occurs on various other operating systems and should be treated as such.

Bug is stil valid on Gutsy though! Any thoughts, any news? I downloaded the files you loadingg and wrote the script. See this bug report for Wine and this report for PulseAudio. See specifically the workaround part. They hope these examples will help you to get a better understanding of the Linux system and that you feel encouraged to try out things on your own.

Loading sdl sound with pulse

It wont make an instance available to all of your program. This library currently supports ET 2.


I’m having a similar problem. Please visit this page to clear all LQ-related cookies.

The Perfect Setup

The work-around, is not to use the “default” sound device. What I don’t understand nor approve is exclusion where it becomes required to have it AND a huge mess to uninstall and switch. This was the only thing that could get the sound working on my computer!

No, other SDL apps do not work. It have to output sound somewhere. There is description on this launchpad bug: If you’re running in a thin-client model, you’ll need to manually create a file:. Since I build the kernel from source I get any new patches,etc for alsa with no need to muck about with seperate alsa driver installs for my hardware.