This is the first motherboard directly supporting USB 2. Something like DivX encoding should see a handy increase in encoding speed, knocking a fair few minutes off the time of a usual full length movie encoding. I’ll be looking to expand the test suite over the coming weeks into a well rounded comprehensive test suite, something which previous Hexus reviews may possibly have lacked in the past. Let’s start with Sandra first off: If you are into media encoding such as MP3 encoding or the creation of DivX movies you’ll be happy with the new speed. So how does the layout of the K7T Pro2 stack up?

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The RAID connectors are close to the bottom right and run 90 degrees to the regular connectors. Only glaring bad spots should be noted and the MSI has none. Sandra Memory Bandwidth Benchmark 9 x This is in contrast to the KG7-RAID and AMD chipset where manual tweaking of the chipset settings is essential to make the board perform well and no high performance defaults setting is provided. MSI also had the foresight to stick down two clear pieces of plastic beneath each of the 2 center socket clips where you attach heatsinks.

Thanks to The Overclocking Store. I’m very hopeful that a newer revision of the BIOS for the board will extract even more performance and bring things up to speed on this test setup. Beginners Guides Cases and Access.


So how do we find the MSI as a whole? I could be wrong however. I wish these extra connectors would run parallel to the vertical edge but that’s only personal preference. Okay, back to the board On the MSI, let that setting do all the hard work. KT has been soundly trounced by AMD in the performance stakes. It’s simple to attach your own fan, but it’s always nice to see these things as standard.

The version used doesn’t detect the Athlon MP correctly, complaining of an unknown processor stepping code. Next up we have POV-Ray. Test software comprises the usual suspects, MadOnion’s 3DMark and SiSoft Sandra current versionI’ve also added a couple of benchmarks you don’t usually see, notably Distributed.

VIA KT266A Motherboard Roundup – January 2002

Sandra Memory Benchmark 9 x Sandra Memory Bandwidth Benchmark 9 x So there we have them, the numbers most people will be looking for. Fast forwarding about 9 months; nForce motherboards are nowhere to be seen and we now have the KTA chipset, a new and improved version of the older KT Physical installation of the board was a cinch. Performance One of the biggest selling points of this new wave of KTA boards is the increased performance. The manual makes not reference to the kt2266 to enable a working motherboard if the SmartKey is lost you can use a new SmartKey as ppro2 as you provide the correct password and the password is then copied to the new SmartKey and you enter the wrong password 3 times, locking the Mt266 and the system completely.


From the diagram, we can also see the VT Southbridge implements AC’97 and MC’97 audio and modem facilities of which the manufacturer of a motherboard using this chip provides the headers and support for. By reading this site you agree to our cookie policy.

[H]ard OCP Do The MSI KT Pro2

It’s a nice addition and gives you an extra piece of mind and seems to work well. What a waste in my opinion. POV-Ray streams plenty of data from main memory to the CPU and back to perform its intensive calculations required to render our test scene.

I must stress that the layout of motherboard is pure personal taste and some problem item in one case might be perfect in another. At MHz, the run takes 50 seconds. KTA attempts to redress the balance with much increased memory bandwidth. At any rate, it is so far from being slow!

[H]ard OCP Do The MSI KT266 Pro2

We are rendering the pawns scene here at x resolution. Apart from that we see nothing unusual here. A smart move on VIA’s part indeed. As you can see, the numbers fall exactly in line with the 1.