Setting up a secured home network now takes a matter of minutes. The wireless network cards that we had with the router seemed reliable too, and it seems with the right combination of hardware can be fast. The router, with its single attached wireless antenna Two SpeedTouch ADSL microfilters, which have an interesting design to allow them to be used as either dangling filters, or full plug in filters. If you do not type this, when the router is restarted all the work you have done is thrown away. The Thomson SpeedTouch is currently February Thomsons top of the range device for home users.

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For people who know they will have no need for UPnP, this can be 50. The UK’s largest independent broadband news and information site Log in Sign up now! Easy to Install The Wireless Home Speedgouch Wizard takes the magic out of installing a wireless home network, making broadband wireless technology accessible to all. The difference between the Default and Custom settings, is that Custom allows you to select things like the IP address for the router.

If you have an existing dial-up Internet connection on your speedrouch, then you do need to remember to set the ‘never dial a connection’ in Internet Explorer, under the Internet Options menu.

Features Specifications Reviews Support. You can configure the router via the USB port and cable if you wish, but this will need you to install the USB drivers for the router, documented on page 15 of the routers manual. If telnet works, the following window should appear. In use, we found both the g and g cards to be reliable, the g with its nice long lead should allow speedrouch to position it for optimal signal reception.


Before you play around too much, we would recommend using the option shown below to backup your configuration to a file on your computer.

The SpeedTouch seems to be a very mature and stable router. At which point you should then be able to access the router’s web interface to configure the router further, or simply use an already configured connection.

This shows an enabled ADSL line with a 1Mbps connection that has been running for 4 minutes and 29 seconds. The SpeedTouch has a number of ways it can be speedtoouch, either by using the supplied CD, or by simply connecting yourself to the router and using the built in web interface.

Thompson SpeedTouch 54Mbps Wireless ADSL Router

The Remote Speedhouch option only really needs to be enabled if you are likely to want someone to be able to remotely access the router, for example as part of an ISP support package. An example is shown below. One key component missing from the web interface of the SpeedTouch is its firewall configuration. The plus side of this is that very little configuration is needed to speeedtouch some things working, sleedtouch. Although the router has the default NAT protection, the firewall that can control outgoing access and block specific ports can be turned on or off.

We do recommend at least using one of the password protected options, particularly as until you setup the wireless security the router is visible to everyone. Typing menu reveals a menu that you can navigate using the cursor keys.

The opposite command of ip config firewalling off will turn off the firewall and any rules you have created. This allows users to share network resources and equipment with robust, high data rate links. My broadband is unreliable What can I do if my broadband is working sporadically? Be the first to review this product.


Technicolor / Thomson SpeedTouch 580

The picture above shows the IP information for the network card, and also lets you monitor the through-put of the wireless network card. The review unit coped extremely well with the basic day to day web browsing and video streaming, but also continued to work well under load when P2P or other heavy downloading was occurring.

Transfer rate with router and wireless network card through 4 double brick walls. This value of 0. The router’s web interface, once the configuration process has finished, should look like the example below. This interface relies on you understanding the syntax of commands or using the built in menu system to help you navigate. The wizard will speedtocuh you through the basic settings, and should get you online very quickly.

SpeedTouch Wireless ADSL modem/router review | thinkbroadband

We actually selected the Custom Settings option, for the following set of screenshots, since it illustrates more of the options. Click here to start your speed test.

Installing xpeedtouch two cards is pretty simple; a case of inserting the CD-ROM and letting the drivers install. Two levels of encryption are available, bit and bit, the bit encryption can be broken if someone has the resources, the bit encryption can also be broken, but takes so long to break most hackers will not attempt to crack it.